Wardrobe V1

We are pleased to announce Wardrobe has now reached an official V1 release. In the past few weeks Ryan Tablada has been super busy converting everything over to a composer package which is going to be huge going forward.

Some of the benefits of having this as a composer package is that future upgrades will be as simple as running "composer update". Which will fetch the latest backend code and move all the admin assets. So everything is pretty much automated.

A second benefit is now you can install it into an existing Laravel application just as easy. For instructions on installing it this way please see the in the core repo.

An important change is all the development is now moved to a github organization. So if you wish to follow along or report issues please visit The current repos are:

  • wardrobe - The project repo
  • core - The main code base
  • docs - The documentation as seen on this site.
  • locales - A repo to hold community submitted language files.

It feels great to get a v1 released but still lots of work to accomplish. My next goals are to get a community directory up so people can share themes and other code. Plus all the other features that I want to add in the core.

There is no way I could have done all this alone. The community has been awesome! Thank you.


New Features Galore!

So far the Wardrobe community has been awesome in recommending features, submitting pull requests, and helping shape and mold Wardrobe into a great all around system. Since first releasing Wardrobe lots of new features have been added and we wanted to share some of the big improvements that have been implemented lately.

Drag and Drop

Wardrobe now features two new ways of drag and dropping files into it. The first is dragging markdown files from your computer into the admin and it will automatically fill out all the fields from your file. This has been a very handy feature for me personally.

If you want to utilize this feature please take a look at the documentation for an example post with all the fields included.

The second drag and drop feature is uploading images directly into your post. Once you drag it in behind the scenes the file is moved into the public/img directory and a markdown image link is then inserted into the content.

Keep in mind no processing is done on the images. It just uploads and moves them over and the reason for this is so it will remain flexible and let you control everything.

Multiple Administrators

Multiple administrators was requested so that more than one person can manage posts. This was something I overlooked in the initial development and I am glad it was spotted as a missing feature so early.

Post Previews

This was a feature that I utilize a lot when writing. I like to write the post then be able to preview on the actual site so I get a better feel how it looks and so forth. Now once you edit a post you can preview it exactly as it would appear on your site. This even applies to posts that are not published or future dated.


If you have been using Wardrobe then you may already upgrading is not super easy at the moment. You have to basically just copy the app/ directory into your site but not replace the few config files the system has changed. With these new changes the upgrade remains the same but you will need to run a migration for the new multiple administrators feature.

Before I get to the v1 release I will be addressing this as I want to make upgrading super simple.

In Closing

I want to thank everyone that has taken interest in Wardrobe and I want to thank those that have helped out. It is a tremendous task creating something like this and everyone's effort has been amazing!


Status Update #1

Wardrobe was officially announced last Saturday and it has been a crazy week. The community has been awesome reporting issues, recommending features, and even submitting pull requests. From the github pulse page it is reporting the following:

9 authors have pushed 171 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On master, 212 files have changed and there have been 65,027 additions and 275 deletions.

That is crazy for a minimal blog but very cool. Also the project currently has 205 stars and 34 forks. It even made the top list a few days.

Going forward I am going to move the core to composer so it's easier for everyone to update. I imagine a lot of the early adopters are laravel users so using composer isn't a big deal. But I would like to make easier for those without it installed to download a zip and upload like a traditional app. Even though that method has a lot of disadvantges I predict it will be a common request.

Wardrobe already has a few sites running on it and I am excited with the overwhelming support. Releasing any product even something open source takes tons of time and without the community I am not sure this would even be possible. If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or any feedback feel free to file a report and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you!