Using wardrobe on a mainstream web hosting

  1. 4 years ago

    It's the first time I try to use a project which need Composer. And I'm not sure how to handle it.

    I sent complete wardrobe directory by FTP on a mainstream web hosting (in my case, OVH) and modified the database file. But, what should I do with Composer since I don't want to use Wardrobe locally, but on the web host.

    Can you guide me to the right spot ?


  2. ericbarnes

    Sep 14 Administrator

    What I would do in this case is basically setup everything local. Which should be just a matter of running:

    composer create-project wardrobe/wardrobe

    Then your local directory should have all the files you are going to need. Next modify the db.php file. At this point just upload the primary folder and all files to your hosting server.

    You should be able to run the install routine from your domain.

    If for some reason this doesn't work report back with any errors or any problems and I will do my best to help.

  3. So, to use Wardrobe, I need to have a local LAMP server to get files from Composer ?
    Why not including it directly ?

    I'll try it out.

  4. ericbarnes

    Sep 14 Administrator

    No you wouldn't need a Lamp server as far as I know. You could just install composer and then it will bring everything in you need.

  5. Matalina

    Sep 16 Gulf Coast MS

    he'd need php wouldn't he? Since composer is php composer.phar, don't need apache or another server but php would be required.

    If you have CLI/Shell access on your server you can just install composer there and follow the instructions for wardrobe. If you don't you'll need to do the local and then FTP it up to the server.

  6. ericbarnes

    Sep 16 Administrator

    Yeah Matalina I believe you are correct. I am pretty sure on a mac (which I am) some version of php comes installed by default. But it's always the first thing I do so I'm not positive.

  7. Thank you both!

    Just if anybody came at the same point of me. I have an old Mac running on Leopard (OSX 10.5) and have nothing installed on regarding web service or code-related software (other than a good text editor).

    So I had to (in that specific order) :

    • Install Homebrew ;
    • Install Xcode 3.1.4 (setup files are on the Instal DVD, or online on Apple Developer website);
    • Install Tigerbrew (which work on Leopard);
    • Install git;
    • Install a new PHP version (from 5.2.15 to 5.3.2) using Homebrew-PHP ;
    • Install Composer ;

    Still scratching my head to have anything working...

    It's a nightmare of new and old versions, not compatible together. Thinking about trying MAMP (Mac Apache MySQL PHP) solution.

  8. That is indeed the correct order of things to install. However I think in your case would be easier to just install mamp, then composer and be done with it.

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