Wardrobe Core Existing Laravel Application Theme Error

  1. 4 years ago

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to install wardrobe in an existing laravel application.
    I found I do not have the package installer. So I
    add "wardrobe/core": "1.0.*" to the composer.json file
    and run composer update.
    Then add Wardrobe\Core\WardrobeServiceProvider to the providers and 'Wardrobe' => 'Wardrobe\Core\Facades\WardrobeFacade' to the aliases in app/config/app.php.
    Besides, please take note your readme documentation. the Wardrobe\Core\WardrobeServiceProvider come with 'Wardrobe\Core\WardrobeServiceProvider',
    some newbie might not able to get it.

    After that, everything went smooth like butter. Installed wardrobe/core <1.0.x-dev 3895c4d>

    But some strange stuff appear like
    Command "wardrobe :config" is not defined. Did you mean this?

    So I changed to command to "wardrobe.cofig
    So it published and the command to publish wardrobe.core are good as well.

    The problem occurs when I key in php artisan wardrobe:themes

    It seem to be [InvalidArguementException] The "...........\public/packages/wardrobe/core/themes" directory does not exist.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

  2. ericbarnes

    Sep 16 Administrator

    I remember some of these as being bugs that have been fixed. Sounds like our versions might be messed up in composer. Can you try changing your composer.json to require a specific version and then run the steps again?

    "wardrobe/core": "1.0.1"

    or edge version:

    "wardrobe/core": "dev-master"
  3. Thanks for reply.
    The application was running smooth like butter.
    Now heading into database connection.

    Thanks for the help.

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