Integration in Existing Laravel 4 Blog Section

  1. 4 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Thanks ericbarnes for solving my problem earlier.

    I have a question. Currently I have a laravel based web application and I wish to use the wardrobe cms to manage the blog section only.
    May I have any instruction or clue how should I do so?
    If not mistaken, integration with existing laravel application will totally manage by using wardrobe and
    I wish to manage the blog section with the wardrobe.

    Anyone Please?

  2. Matalina

    Sep 17 Gulf Coast MS

    what's wrong with the way it works now? Your admin area is your admin area and then link to the wardrobe area for the blog only?

    I don't think I understand the question.

  3. rtablada

    Sep 17 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by rtablada

    Yes, actually one of the big pushes to separate Wardrobe/Core from Wardrobe/Wardrobe was to make it so that it could be dropped into an existing Laravel application and be configured to avoid collisions with data.

    In your Laravel application, go ahead and require `wardrobe/core`.

    Then you can go ahead and configure it to use different routes (I prefix my blog with blog, and move the admin over to wardrobe-admin, and the api to wardrobe-api), then I suggest putting your blog on a different database connection using the database configuration within the wardrobe/core config folder.

    I've tried to document things in the wardrobe/core readme

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