Integration with existing laravel 4 app, only some logins allowed to use wardrobe

  1. 4 years ago


    I am (re)writing a webapp, and my users log in using the default laravel auth. I would like to integrate wardrobe to easily give them some news etc.
    How can I integrate wardrobe so only a few select users can use wardrobe?

    I am also adding a forum, and is thinking about using the laravel/vanilla integration package - Any feedback/suggestions on this is cool too :)


  2. ericbarnes

    Oct 7 Administrator

    This one is probably kind of tricky. My only two thoughts are

    1. having a separate install and setting up the users you choose.
    2. Modifying the users table with some type of flag saying if they can post. Then modifying the DbUserRepository.php and checking against this flag.

    I like the sound of option 2 better but I would probably try and figure out a clean way and sending a pull request that way it will be in the core for future releases.

    On the forum I have never used Vanilla so I can't share anything about that.

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