trying to understand something admin vs user

  1. 4 years ago

    I got wardrobe setup and managed to write some blog posts from the admin panel.
    What confused me though is the ability to select from the drop-down the user to set as the author when you submit it, that doesn't make sense to me.

    Was the system designed so that it's meant for one and only one admin user to write blog posts or for each individual user to be able to write blog post?
    Where is the classification between admin and non admin set?

  2. ericbarnes

    Oct 7 Administrator

    Currently there is no distinction. If they are a registered user they can write posts. In the future we might could add a few simple user level but this was never planned when I built Wardrobe.

  3. I noticed too if Bob and Sally are both registered users Bob can write a post and choose Sally as the author. Should Bob be able to do that?

  4. ericbarnes

    Nov 20 Administrator

    Yes right now you can select any user since we don't have any groups to limit it. I guess you could in theory you could add a display:none on that field so it wouldn't show but until user groups are added I think it's going to remain.

  5. Ok, no big deal since if Sally is the site admin she has to create an account for Bob so Bob and Sally should trust each other.

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