integrating wardrobe in laravel app

  1. 4 years ago

    I have multiple established laravel apps .

    At least two of them are in need of basic CMS functionality. Pages and posts.

    How difficult would it be to integrate wardrobe core into an existing laravel app, that already has its own admin architecture?

  2. ericbarnes

    Sep 6 Administrator

    I'm honestly not sure about integrating into an existing admin. It uses the default laravel login system so I assume you could just carry the login over and then modify wardrobe to match your existing layout.

    I would probably recommend trying it on a dev setup just to see if it would work or not. You can follow the instructions in the "core" repo's readme to install into an existing laravel app:

    If you have any specific questions along the way just post here and we will do our best to help.

  3. perfect.

    I will have a play with that and report back :-)

  4. spamoom

    Sep 6 Scarborough, UK

    I'm just going to keep the two interfaces separate on my integration ;-)

  5. I would be easier to do the exact opposite I guess. Have wardrobe has your main app and build around it if you want more functionality than your basic blog app. At least that's what I'm planing to do on a future project.

  6. rtablada

    Sep 6 Administrator

    In my experience I use a separate DB instance to manage wardrobe and my business logic application for SaaS apps and the likes. This is configurable in the database config for wardrobe package.

    For a more brochure sites I would start with wardrobe as the main theme/blog platform and design everything around that using the default database connection.

  7. I can appreciate Wardrobe's dedicated Admin panel, but this is one of the biggest things I'm hesitant on for integration with an existing website with and existing admin. I make a lot of websites for clients with custom admin's and asking them to have two admin's with two logins, etc... I personally don't have a problem with it, but some client's would (mostly because they are silly unreasonable people).

  8. I actually have a quick question regarding this, im currently looking at doing this for my own personal website and was wondering what the best way is to go about sharing the main layout of the website with not only the wardrobe cms but also with the custom stuff that im looking at building which isnt going to be using wardrobe?

    should i be trying to link everything back to use the theme that I have created in the wardrobe cms or should i be moving the main layout into the normal laravel views folder and going from there?


  9. ericbarnes

    Sep 14 Administrator

    I think this is going to really depend on your preferences. If I was building a bigger site around wardrobe I would probably put my custom views in the public/theme dir and then just have my custom routes/controllers load them.

    Also depending on how advanced you are wanting to get I am working on adding better custom routes for your themes. This should be ready in v1.1 if all goes as planned.

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