Changing the Auth Provider

  1. 4 years ago


    Sep 6 Scarborough, UK

    I'm planning on switching out the default laravel auth in favour of supporting Sentry as my existing site uses it. The reason for me posting is to ask what do you think the best way to do it would be! I can see a few options:

    • Fork the core and run my own copy with sentry hard-coded in
    • Fork and see if I can write an AuthRepositoryInterface so I can swap it out
    • Cry

    What'cha think?

  2. ericbarnes

    Sep 6 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by ericbarnes

    Out of those options I would rather see you go with number 2. :)

    1. Will make upgrades harder.
    2. Will make me feel bad. I've never created an app that made someone cry before.

    I personally have no experience with Sentry but I would assume what you propose would work here.

    Maybe others with more experience in this area will chime in.

  3. spamoom

    Sep 6 Scarborough, UK

    Cheers Eric,

    Yeah, I think moving to an interface would be the best idea - just wanted to make sure! Weekend project go!

    I think I need to revise my third point to "Cry and use two separate logins", it isn't a big disaster but it's a nice to have ;-)

  4. rtablada

    Sep 6 Administrator

    As the dev on the auth side of things with wardrobe. I did want to point out that it uses a custom auth instance with the wardrobe connection.

    Not sure if this would be pre or post sentry with an interface pattern but just a heads up!

  5. Edited 4 years ago by newtonianb

    Hi spamoom, i'm looking to do the exact same thing and use Sentry. Any progress in making this happen? Do you have a repo where you're working on this?

  6. 3 years ago

    I too would like to swap the Auth provider in wardrobe. I have an existing application to which I would like to add Wardrobe but it seems I'm forced to create another "users" table instead of using the existing system authentication.

    Did anyone manage do this successfully without having to hack Wardrobe?

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