My first wardrobe app:

  1. 4 years ago

    Here's the only wardrobe app I'm running at the moment.

    I use it as my main app, I made some modifications to the default layout. I made it responsive, added read more capability and font-awesome so I could use some icons every now and again.

    I also integrated disqus.

  2. nice job!
    will you post the source code of the website?

  3. Like I said, there was not much to it. All the changes where mostly on the default template and not on the wardrobe code per say.

    Actually I just made a pull request with a few of my changes to the default template. So in a next version of wardrobe you can expect a responsive design.

  4. Matalina

    Sep 6 Gulf Coast MS

    I'll have 4 eventually. 2 installed now but nothing but straight up wardrobe install. Two are for my kiddos to start their blogging adventure, 1 will be conversion from wordpress of my personal blog, and then a 4th for my portofolio and more development type blogging (hopefully I'll start writing lol)

  5. ericbarnes

    Sep 6 Administrator

    And I can't even seem to write one post every 6 months. :)

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