Status Update #1

Wardrobe was officially announced last Saturday and it has been a crazy week. The community has been awesome reporting issues, recommending features, and even submitting pull requests. From the github pulse page it is reporting the following:

9 authors have pushed 171 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On master, 212 files have changed and there have been 65,027 additions and 275 deletions.

That is crazy for a minimal blog but very cool. Also the project currently has 205 stars and 34 forks. It even made the top list a few days.

Going forward I am going to move the core to composer so it's easier for everyone to update. I imagine a lot of the early adopters are laravel users so using composer isn't a big deal. But I would like to make easier for those without it installed to download a zip and upload like a traditional app. Even though that method has a lot of disadvantges I predict it will be a common request.

Wardrobe already has a few sites running on it and I am excited with the overwhelming support. Releasing any product even something open source takes tons of time and without the community I am not sure this would even be possible. If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or any feedback feel free to file a report and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you!