Wardrobe V1

We are pleased to announce Wardrobe has now reached an official V1 release. In the past few weeks Ryan Tablada has been super busy converting everything over to a composer package which is going to be huge going forward.

Some of the benefits of having this as a composer package is that future upgrades will be as simple as running "composer update". Which will fetch the latest backend code and move all the admin assets. So everything is pretty much automated.

A second benefit is now you can install it into an existing Laravel application just as easy. For instructions on installing it this way please see the in the core repo.

An important change is all the development is now moved to a github organization. So if you wish to follow along or report issues please visit The current repos are:

  • wardrobe - The project repo
  • core - The main code base
  • docs - The documentation as seen on this site.
  • locales - A repo to hold community submitted language files.

It feels great to get a v1 released but still lots of work to accomplish. My next goals are to get a community directory up so people can share themes and other code. Plus all the other features that I want to add in the core.

There is no way I could have done all this alone. The community has been awesome! Thank you.